Monday, November 7, 2011

14 days out!

Bandage is from the drains.

Still swollen but looking pretty good! I'm not even sucking in!
 Today is day 14 I’m feeling pretty dang good went to the doctor today and he FINALLY took my drains out (thank God) they were starting to get painful! When they were pulling my drains out I thought I was going to jump out of my skin it felt like a snake was slithering through the inside of my body sooo gross! On the up side almost the second the devil drains came out I felt like a new person! I can stand up straighter(although not all the way up yet), move better, my clothes fit better and most of all I can sleep in my bed and cuddle(kind of) with the hubby! My incision is healing nicely Doctor says that he thinks most of it is going to disappear altogether(yay!) he also gave me the go ahead to start putting coco butter on it! I’m putting up some pictures of the incision now because it doesn’t look as scary as it did as you can see I’m still pretty swollen BUT well on my way : )!

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