Thursday, December 2, 2010

Army wife…….. Mother of 2.……Self proclaimed emotional eater!

Today I found out my Grandmother has Breast Cancer. I was at the grocery store at the time of this terrible news my immediate reaction was like a reflex, I hauled butt to the candy isle where I opened a bag of dark chocolate truffles and shoved three in my face! It’s such a strange feeling to feel over whelming satisfaction and shame at then same time! I’m boxing my shadow here ..I’m at war with myself ! With a 3 yr old, a 5 month old, a husband that is deployed to Afghanistan and a fast food place on every corner in this God forsaken military town. I feel like I might be fighting a losing battle how the heck am I a self-proclaimed emotional eater going to expect myself to not emotionally eat when everyday is a emotional rollercoaster? So I started this right after the delivery of my 2nd daughter weighing in at a whopping 203 lbs my goal is to get to 130 lbs after about 5 months of spin class, yoga and fighting my urges to stop at McDonalds get 3 hamburgers and eat 2 before I get to where ever I’m going so people think I only got one (true story I’ve really done that) I am weighing in at 152 lbs and I have found that exercise and healthy food is not the way I’m doomed to live the rest of my life like I originally thought! Fresh food and a good work out has become a passion! While I still get hit with the over whelming need to shove my face in a cake when I get some bad news it’s getting better everyday…. I’m boxing my shadow and I’m winning!!
Rose Mary chicken and mashed sweet potatoes
What you will need:
7 Tbsp. olive oil4 sweet potatoes(peeled)
1 pkg. chicken breast
3 shallots chopped
2 tbsp. of fresh rosemary chopped

Lightly Salt and pepper chicken and simmer In a pan with 1tbsp. of olive oil until cooked through.
While chicken is cooking boil the peeled sweet potatoes until soft ,save about a ½ cup of the water and drain the rest mash the potatoes with a masher adding in the ½ cup of water saved from boiling ( I also add a little pepper)
In a different pan put the remaining 6 tbsp. spoons of olive oil, chopped shallots and chopped rosemary in a pan on med. Heat simmer and stir until shallots are light brown
Put cooked chicken and mashed potatoes on plate and spoon the caramelized rosemary mix over both and ENJOY!!

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  1. Oh hunni, you are a natural. I knew you would do awesome.

    Your grandma, your Momma and you are all in my prayers. Think good thoughts and leave the truffles to me lol.