Friday, December 3, 2010

A pink Christmas tree for Daddy's Girls!

How can I sum up a deployment? In 2 words IT SUCKS!! The first time Hubby deployed was to Iraq for 15 months, I didn’t handle it very well(that’s another story) Boo on the other hand didn’t really notice she was 9 months when he left and a little over 2yrs when he came home ….This deployment however is the opposite. I have learned how to get along with out Hubby around (although I do throw the occasional pity party) all in all I’m KINDA o.k.… BUT Boo is having a hard time missing her Daddy! At first she was ok thinking Daddy was just gone for a few days, then she started understanding. So Boo came up with her own ways of dealing with missing Daddy and one of those ways was screaming at helicopters …For some reason Boo got it in her head that Daddy is in the helicopter! When Boo sees a helicopter she jumps up and down while waving and yells “ Hi Daddy I love you I miss you!” the first time this happened It shocked me, but if it made my 3 yr. old feel better about this deployment O.K! So I have been caught many nights at Wal-Mart or where ever a helicopter might happen to show up jumping up and down waving screaming “ Hi Daddy we love you we miss you!” For all to see! So with this said I was determined to make Boo and Boogies(my 5 month old) Christmas special in its own way some how even if we are missing daddy! I had planed on getting a few hundred Army wives together to pull out our monstrous Christmas tree, But one day while wondering around Wal-Mart’s Christmas dept. looking for something useless to buy I spotted a mini metallic PINK Christmas tree! Pink is Boo’s very favorite color and she let out a squeal as soon as she saw it! Once I saw her face I knew this was the little something extra that could make this Christmas special …We had a blast picking out tiny glittery ornaments we even got a princess pink tree topper! Every night when I turn on our trees lights Boo almost explodes with excitement! Tonight after we turned on the lights of our pretty pink Christmas tree Boo looked at me and said “ Mommy Christmas is Jesus’ birthday” what a amazing gift God has given me ….proof that my 3 year old is NOT deaf !!!!

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  1. awwwww, I didn't know it was so tough on Boo but it's kind of silly for me not to have realized it. I'm glad the tree helped her. She's such a cutie and an awesome big sister too. You're doing a great job taking care of them and he'll be home soon.