Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rest Day!

OK so its been a really long time since I posted last ... I could blame it on school, kids, my Long workouts or life but really I have just been lazy when it comes to blogging that is. Its a quiet Sunday(a rest day) so I decided to take advantage of the Hubby being in the field to give y'all alil update! I mean that's not the only reason lately I have been in-boxed with LOTS of questions about crossfit, paleo, recipes and just advice. Also I have been receiving messages about how my posts have inspired others to get up and get fit! How amazing is that! With that being said I want to send out a HUGE Thank You to those who have been giving me feed back y'all have inspired me to take a minute and sit down to blog again!! Today I would like to share with y'all a picture I'm 9 months out and in a two piece it feels amazing to be comfortable in my skin! while my surgery defiantly helped this I have crossfit, weight lifting and great fitness friends to thank for lots of HUGE revelations Ive had in the past few months. I no longer want to be a size 2 I see a "skinny girl" in the gym and I take comfort in the fact that I could squat them for reps with no problem( no offence to my lovely thin ladies just be cause I embrace myself as a thick chick doesn't mean I don't think y'all are beautiful or love you any less lol) ...I  no longer stress about  the number on the scale (pure freedom). There is something about picking heavy stuff up or knowing you can get through a crazy intense wod that is so empowering! I literally face problems like this "Well I can back squat ## so I know for a fact I can face this head on" or " I got through this wod so I know I can get through this"...strange maybe? Many may not understand. But others don't have to "get it" today I stand up alittle  A LOT straighter because I love me... not just my body... I love me :) Today I would also like to share a variation of a recipe I got off amazing site) I was craving something sweet and didn't have all the ingredients I need so I just kinda winged it and came up with something yummy!!!
    Sweet potato apple cakes
1 sweet potato shredded
1 apple shredded
1 spoonful of fat of your choice( I used bacon fat)
2 eggs
tiny pinch of nutmeg
dash of Cinnamon
drizzle of raw honey

Shred your apple and sweet potato mix them together with eggs, Cinnamon and nutmeg.
Then heat fat in pan and make sweet potato mixture in to pancake like patties. Cook patties in pan for about 3 minutes on each side or until brown...put them on a plate sprinkle with Cinnamon and honey ...ENJOY!!

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  1. When I excepted that I wanted to be healthy and not a skinny, I felt a million times better.