Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cutting the crap!

I’m not quite sure what is up with my body lately but it is totally out of wack! Seriously my skin has gone nuts along with my hair! I’m not sure what’s up maybe stress, change in training, hormones, change of seasons and I honestly don’t care what it is but I have to do something about it! The fantastic part is it seems the more I piled the expensive acne treatments and leave in conditioners on the worse it got! so I decided to “Google” after reading through a few sites I stumbled upon the “no poo” concept. I read through a few blogs and I was intrigued! Most articles I found used a mixture of water and baking soda for “shampoo” and vinegar and water for “conditioner”. The way I understand it is that the natural oils your body produces are “supply and demand” the more you wash your hair with harsh sulfates stripping the oils the more oil your body produces in result you need to wash your hair more. when you stop using harsh shampoos your body regulates and only produces the amount of oil it needs to! HOW COOL! I mean there where so many people that were doing this and all for different reasons some where wanting to cut out the chemicals and sulfates, some wanted to save money, some were just plain curious. The coolest thing is most had the same results! There seems to be an adjustment period for your body to get used to the poo-free lifestyle …but the ones who lasted through this period all said pretty much the same thing! Individuals that have taken the plunge rave that their hair has never looked better, that they no longer have to use product , their hair is healthier and growing faster! I decided that if I’m cutting the poo I might as well cut the rest of the crap too! So after a little more searching I found ways to cut out the soap and face wash …..As far as my face I decided to go with a method called “oil cleansing” the basic concept is that oil clears pores of dirt and bacteria without stripping your face of natural oils and good bacteria. strange I know but worth a shot! So if I’m not using soap or shampoo what am I using? I promise I’m not going full on primal on ya’ll! For shampoo I’m using baking soda and vinegar. You can use either apple cider or white from what I gather white is better for oily hair and apple cider for dyer hair. For soap I am using baking soda and olive oil or just plain baking soda. For the oil cleansing of my face I’m using olive oil and for moisturizer (body and face) I’m using coconut oil!

Getting started … It seems there are a few ways to mix your “shampoo” some made the baking soda in to a thick paste, some pre-made the mixture, the way I decided was best for me is to just make it in the shower. I jumped in my shower right after the gym I was nice and sweaty I started with my face. I did exactly as directed

1)Apply oil to dry face (whatever oil you decide to go with ) I used olive oil. rub oil into your face for a minute or so.

2) Take a wash cloth get it wet with hot water and lay it over your face to steam your pores remover when cools.

3) Massage face again for about a minute

4) Steam again

5) Wipe face clean removing excess oil

I thought for sure after I did this my face would be oily and full of un-removed make-up and sweat! In fact it was quite the opposite my face was squeaky clean and fresh!

Next I did my body with olive oil and baking soda making a paste and washed my body! It was pretty much like a mild scrub about what I expected

Last but not least my hair ! I was pretty nervous about this I mean what was this going to do to my hair!

1) Mix 2 table spoons of baking soda into one cup of water pour over wet hair (mostly on the scalp)

2) Scrub your roots just like you are washing your hair (its pretty strange with no lather or bubbles) leave the mixture in for about a minute or so

3) Rinse

Now for the “conditioner”

1) Nix 2 table spoons of vinegar and one cup of water pour over head starting at the ends

2) Massage scalp and hair just like you were using conditioner and let it sit

3) Rinse

Now I’m going to be honest when I did this it felt strange and smelled weird. By the time I washed the vinegar out my hair felt like heavy dry straw and I was concerned! I wrapped my hair in a towel and moisturized (with coconut oil) anyone that knows me knows that I’m tinder headed and I was preparing for a full on fight with a brush! Towel out brush to head and I braced myself BUT the brush went right through no problem and again and again! This made me pretty hopeful! I walked around smelling I little bit like pickles (the smell goes away as soon as your hair is dry) once my hair was dry it was soft and shiny and all around pretty nice!

I’m on day 5 now my face is soft and all my blemishes are healing with no new ones.

My hair is a tiny it oily at the root today ( adjustment period) but I have noticed I big difference in my ends which are now softer and smoother compared to the dry mess I was experiencing 5 days ago!  
Taken on day one all I did was towel dry and brush :)


  1. going to try this (: thanks girl! and if that is day one picture show a day 5 picture! lol looking good!

  2. Girl you are turning into a full blown paleo/hippy! I love it. :0)

  3. This sounds awesome! I will definitely be trying this

  4. Lol Chris calls me a hippie too! But there is no such thing as a hunting hippie lol! Just think of how much money i will save in product!