Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Wave!

Hope everyone year an awesome Christmas! I know I did, I got a tablet (which I'm using how).
I'm still on the no poo bandwagon! As far as my skin I know for fact I'll never use a oil stripping soap again! Since I've been using coconut oil my skin is softer, clearer and more radiant. I went to my Mom's house for Christmas and she noticed my skin right away, she went and bought coconut oil for herself and and a dry spot She has been battling for about a year now is gone after just a few days! The stuff amazing!
    I'm also really loving my hair although I am defiantly still in the adjustment period! Im playing with measurements and such but my hair is so much healthier its almost unbelievable! I know it sounds weird but I'm not "shedding" so much and my hair seems to be growing or maybe its just not breaking as much. I don't know but I like it! I'm also getting used to my hair in its natural state I've discovered my hair is wavy which is interesting. I'm brainstorming on how to embrace the new waves. We will see!
A funny thing happened yesterday I decided I wanted  to do a coconut oil mask in my hair so I got online read how and put the oil in my hair. I'm not totally sure how I thought it would go.....I let the oil sit for about an hour then jumped in the shower. From what I read you just rinse with hot water then rinse with a vinegar and water mixture. NOT THE CASE! I have no idea what these grease balls are doing but hot water and vinegar does not take coconut oil out of your hair! So tried my  "shampoo" well baking soda didn't  get it out either! I seriously contemplated shampooing my hair (but I didn't). I got out of the shower braided my hair and decided I'd try again tomorrow. Anyone that is familiar with  coconut oil knows that  when heated it's liquid and when cold it's solid so for the rest of the day every time I took out my dog my braid turned into a coconut oil popsicle! On an up note I  got up today and washed my hair again, the oil came out no problem and my hair is pretty amazing! Maybe next time I won't use so much oil!
With the new year coming I've got a few resolutions: 1.) Less cussing  (unless I'm crossfitting) 2.) Less screaming (unless I'm lifting) 3.) Complete " The Whole 30" which I'm going to blog about to help keep me accountable( I'm going to try to blog more as well).
I hope everyone has a safe New Year and I'll be back on then 1st for mesuments and weighing in!


  1. I tried the coconut oil in my hair as a repair, and well the same thing happened to me. it was a grease ball! i couldn't get it out of my hair. I ended up shampooing my hair numerous times to get it out. bummer. I want to try the "no poo" .. key word "try"

  2. Did we do it wrong lol? Maybe I put to much? I LOVE it for my skin! " no poo" is defiantly a transition but my hair is crazy soft my husband even noticed (he never notices anything)!