Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 6

Ok so I'm going on 6days of no soap or shampoo. My hair is kinda fuzzy but much softer and my ends look and feel wayy better! My roots seem to be getting oily faster but I'm guessing that my hair is still adjusting! My face is healing really well and I haven't noticed any new blemishes! A few things i didn't expect I wear contacts and usually my eyes are sucked dry by mid to end of the day. Since I started using oil to cleans my face my eyes no longer get dry! Also the circles under my eyes are fading which I LOVE! My hair is easier to brush and I don't seem to be "shedding" as much (my hubby is super happy about not finding my hair everywhere lol) I'd say operation no-poo is a success so far!

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