Friday, June 24, 2011

CQ Boo Hoo?

Ok, so its not Cq anymore now that hubby is a sergeant its staff duty but staff duty doesn’t rhyme with a anything! Now I know some of you are wondering what Cq or staff duty is? Cq is a 24 hour duty that most all Army service members have to pull every once in a while! I feel bad because I should be really missing my hubby while he is working! Most of the time I really do miss him and would be bitching about the army, but tonight I’m kind of enjoying the down time. Again I feel like a horrible person because I’m seeing on face book where my friends husbands are deployed and I know they would give anything to have them home, here I am wanting alone time! While I love my husband sometimes its just nice to have a day where I don’t have to worry about a set schedule like when he will be home for lunch or when I have to get my workout in so I can get dinner cooked etc. etc.…So when the cats away the mouse will play! I didn’t workout till almost 11pm last night I took all day to do the laundry and clean the house I even let Boo stay up she helped me clean and slept with me, we watched bolt and left the TV on all night that would never fly if Daddy were home! J I did miss Hubby as soon as I slowed down enough for my head to hit the pillow it reminded me of the lonely nights of deployment. I will be glad to have him back today ……On another note I have some very exciting news my CAA got approved so I submitted my FA last night and if all goes as planed I should be starting school around July 8th !! I’m so excited to open this new chapter! I know I have A LOT of work to do before I can call myself a “Master Personal Trainer” but what awesome motivation to finish my weight loss journey!

Fiesta Turkey Burgers
What you will need:
I small can of green chilies
1 packet of taco seasen
1 lb of ground turkey
Pepper jack cheese
Red onion and avocodo
Buns or ice burg lettuse ( I prefer to wrap my burgers in lettce)
Drain green chilies then mix together in a bowl chilies, taco season and turkey
Form into burgers cook on the grill or stove …then top with pepper jack, red onion and avocado they are SO simple and SO good gives you all the flavor without all the greasy crap J ! Like I said I prefer to wrap mine in ice burg lettuse but good whole grain bun is just fine ENJOY!!

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