Saturday, June 25, 2011

To cheat or not to cheat???

Today I got up and I’ve lost another pound! I’m so excited things are going in the right direction even if its only a pound or 2 a week! Good morning dilemma today is my cheat day! I have a “cheat day” once a week I still do my normal work out but I eat whatever I want for one day …Tonight we will be getting together with friends having a few drinks, some good food and I face the internal fight I normally do every week! Do I really want to cheat this week I know tomorrow I will wake up and have gained at least a pound in water from all the beer I will drink tonight…is it worth it? Then again I know if I deprive myself Tuesday night at midnight I will be stuffing my face with carbohydrates and chocolate for an unplanned cheat and I wont be able to have a good cheat on Saturday when everyone is wanting me to…………..So the big question is to cheat or not to cheat? I usually look forward to my weigh- in and cheat day every week even though I love eating healthy! I love my fruits and veggies, proteins and whole grains but sometimes it feels good to just eat junk, or work really hard for something you have been craving all week. I rationalize during my work outs “If you just push a little harder then you can have Freebirds and a beer on Saturday” it really does keep this food addict working hard! But on weeks like this when I don’t have any cravings its like as of today I feel like I could go another week with out cheating but, what am I going to feel like tomorrow? Then again there are weeks that I cheat and I gain one pound from it but the next day when I’m back on it I loose 3 lbs by the morning! I haven’t really been able to explain this its happened often the only thing I can think it might be is the sudden change in diet from good to bad right back to good again spikes my metabolism tricking my body ? So maybe cheating is not always a bad thing ???
Decisions..... Decisions?

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